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Reliable Professional Plumbing Contractor Serving New Jersey Communities for nearly 40 Years

Newark Mechanical Corp. has been servicing its customers in New Jersey since 1982 providing high quality plumbing, fire sprinkler systems and HVAC services to both public and private sector clients. Our company has always placed customer satisfaction first in its effort to make the company’s name synonymous with "reliability."    

Our motto: “Customer satisfaction first: If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us.”

  • Commercial and residential projects
  • HVAC / Fire Sprinklers: Our firm has an extensive record of installations in sensitive settings such as medical facilities, restaurants, and high-rise facilities.
  • Kitchens, bathrooms, building common areas, and building exteriors
  • Experienced with fire protection installations in sensitive settings such as medical facilities, restaurants, and high-rise residential facilities.
  • Our missions is always to be on-time, on-budget, and on-spec.

About Newark Mechanical Corporation

Newark Mechanical, incorporated in 1982, boasts nearly 40 years of experience in the mechanical trades.  During his long career in the business, the company’s owner has made it his personal mission to put client satisfaction first, often telling his clients that the firm’s intent is to make the company’s name synonymous with “reliability.”   Newark Mechanical remains abreast with changes in the technology that affects the performance of the trade by participating in industry training program and seminars.  It recently added geothermal system installation and maintenance to its list of products and services.  This move is intended to expand the firm’s marketplace and profitability.  

The outlook for work in the mechanical trades is robust for New Jersey.  This market is benefiting from school construction on an expedited schedule, concurrent redevelopment in Manhattan, the boom in housing demand and other commercial and public sector work.  Competition is the construction industry remains stiff driving down profit margins and favoring contractors that operate in a lean and professional manner.  Newark Mechanical thrives because of its experience, open and union shop operations and its small and minority business certifications.   Newark Mechanical has seasoned and skilled management in the person of its owner and founder.  The president of the organization is prepared to add the right staff as revenues and number of contracts increase.  The firm is aware of the need to balance the relationship between expenses and revenues in order to preserve profitability.   With the firm’s CPA and legal council participating as team members, Newark Mechanical is optimistic that the firm’s long history in the business will continue through the present construction boom and beyond.

Work Gallery


Benehana Restaurant
Short Hills, NJ

This project featured many of our areas of expertise including installation of the complete plumbing system and the fire sprinkler system.  Our experience with commercial projects coupled with our focus on quality, and our attention to details enabled us to complete this project on time, within budget, and within all specifications and regulations.

Colas Tenant Project
Morristown, NJ

Newark Mechanical designed and installed the HVAC system for this project including all duct work and equipment.  Our attention to detail, knowledge of specifications and regulations, and many years of experience helps assure that these projects are completed on-time and compliant with local codes and regulations.

Joint Meeting of Essex & Union Counties (Sewage Treatment)
Elizabeth, NJ

Newark Mechanical Corporation designed and installed the plumbing system for this facility.  In addition, we were entrusted to design and install the fire sprinkler system.  Both projects were completed on-time and within budget.

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